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Where Do I Start?

new social distancing phase, new season, new commitment to opening the Word of God

Breaking the Binge

What are we missing when we aren't missing an episode?

Don't Worry

Jesus said, "Don't worry about your life." Why is that so difficult to follow?

Do Not Worry About Your Life

Radical dependence on God begins in letting go of worry. You read that right. Letting go... of worry. Sounds like a dream! Only it's not...

Radical Dependence

Coming up with a title for a Lenten Series (journey, reflection, lifeplan, regimen, etc.) on radical dependence was a challenge. How can...

Simple Summer

Sometimes we just need to breathe. While the thick, humid air of a Louisiana Summer doesn't always make breathing easy, we are afforded...

HOLY WEEK Challenge: True Freedom

Last year when we kicked off our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challenge, I had no idea what a burden, what an addiction, what a misery I had...

Week Four Challenge: Beyond Fasting

Laetare Sunday means we’re 2/3 of the way there! The Church invites us to grow in holiness during Lent through three practices: Fasting,...

Week Two Challenge: Face to Face

It is good that we are here! This week we take a cue from Sunday's Gospel and explore how #SmartFreedom can revolutionize our...

#SmartFreedom Ground Rules

Without further ado… here is your First Challenge: the Ground Rules! This first challenge lasts for ALL of Lent! So as each week progresses

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