Love in the Heart of the Church

Friendsday Wednesday: Thérèse Edition is a special one indeed. I am so pleased to introduce to you a woman that has taught me a great deal a

Thérèse Week Challenge!

Because Thérèse is one of the 4Ts we have asked to be patronesses of we are going to celebrate her ALL WEEK!

Talkin' Bout Talkin'

FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY! Aunt B + Bunny, expert friend-makers, share their TOP 5 TIPS for Making New Friends!!

Who Am I to Judge?

Black may be slimming, but, Honey, that judge's robe is not a good look for you...

My Baby Sister and the Peacock

The peacock is an ancient symbol for the Resurrection. Images of the peacock can be found throughout the frescos and mosaics of Rome. As...

Giving Up Screen Time

Perhaps it is not FOMO that you are suffering from... rather it is FOMOOKSBEED.