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HOLY WEEK Challenge: True Freedom

Last year when we kicked off our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challenge, I had no idea what a burden, what an addiction, what a misery I had...

You're Such a Monica!

Ever since college it seems that a group of four women can never get together without someone assigning Sex and the City...

Day 21: The Final Challenge

After 21 Days of ups and downs... successes and failures... silence and swipes, it's time for one final challenge! Are you up for it?...

Day 18: Using Our Phones for Good

As we race to the finish of our 21-Day Challenge, we'll turn to some positive aspects of Smartphone usage--including a look at some of my...

I'll See Her One Day

“Aunt Katie, you just went to the Ordination of the Centennial Seven, four first Masses of Thanksgiving, and six receptions in 29 hours, wha

#Smart Freedom HOLY WEEK Challenge!

It's DAY 40... and I know what you're thinking... there was no DAY 39 Challenge. That's simply because I wasn't on my phone on...

Theology Thursdays No.4

Last week we looked at Natural Revelation; today we head out-of-this-world into the beyond... Divine Revelation!

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