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Radical Dependence

Coming up with a title for a Lenten Series (journey, reflection, lifeplan, regimen, etc.) on radical dependence was a challenge. How can...

HOLY WEEK Challenge: True Freedom

Last year when we kicked off our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challenge, I had no idea what a burden, what an addiction, what a misery I had...

#Smart Freedom HOLY WEEK Challenge!

It's DAY 40... and I know what you're thinking... there was no DAY 39 Challenge. That's simply because I wasn't on my phone on...

Weekly Challenge: Intentionality

New Year, New You, right? Sure. We spend January stumbling through self-improvement... clean eating, new tennis shoes, more quiet time, less

Growing in the Valley

Life isn't all sunshine and roses... sometimes it is vines and darkness. We have to keep growing.

Turning Work Into Rest

It's Friendsday Wednesday AKA Día de los amigos Miercoles! We have a post straight outta Spain today from Camille Carloss. What can we

What Moves You? SEEK2017

I started my New Year off with a bang: learning, praising, and praying with almost 13,000 college students at SEEK2017, a national...

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