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Boozeday Tuesday: The Procrastinator

It's Tax Day... so a cocktail for getting the job done seemed most appropriate. The 2018 calendar was kind to those who like to be on the...

Boozeday Tuesday: Envigdka!

Today’s Boozeday Tuesday post will give you helpful hints for creating your own signature cocktails, the story behind Envigdka, and one deli

Spa Bourbon. (You heard me.)

It's our inaugural Boozeday Tuesday post where we share drink recipes and recommendations! Bon appe-drink!

Fake News + Real Presence

The realest reality we can know is the Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul, + Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Alt

My Baby Sister and the Peacock

The peacock is an ancient symbol for the Resurrection. Images of the peacock can be found throughout the frescos and mosaics of Rome. As...

Through a Mother's Eyes

Aunt Katie shares a devotional practice that revolutionized her relationship with Jesus and Mary.

Making Ordinary Time EXTRAordinary

Us before Lent. Image: We’re 10 days out from LENT… the ultimate chocolate-avoiding, facebook-deleting,...

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