21 Days to #SmartFreedom, Join the Challenge!

When we look at the disordered attachments in our lives we sometimes forget the biggest culprit... our phones. Though attachment is definitely the word. Any separation from our phones causes us an acute anxiety--what if I miss something important? Who was trying to reach me? How can I google the answer to whatever question comes up in this conversation if I do not have my phone in hand? This past Lent we embarked on a journey of detachment, our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challen

How to Be a Lady (as told by St. Joan of Arc)

While we mourn the end of another Saints season, we turn to one of New Orleans' favorite saints, Joan of Arc! My Niece Kaitlin and I were recently working on a day of reflection for some junior high girls, and we were asked to address "How to Be a Lady" and "Friendship." Over a bourbon or two Kaitlin, a tomboy from birth, told me she felt more comfortable talking about friendship, but pulling Aunt rank, I said, "I thought you might... however, I've been praying about this and

How to Win at Parenting

This post may be our most anticipated Friendsday Wednesday to date. Friendsday Wednesday may or may not have been invented just for this particular friend to post. Lauren Romero is literally the coolest, and I want to be her when I grow up. You'll have a Ph.D. in Parenting after spending any time with this fabulous mom of 5 (Spoiler alert: the 5th is my godson and possibly the cutest child in all of history--don't tell my other nieces and nephews.) Enjoy! Aunt Katie Image: Ju