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Consider the Flowers

If you're like most of my friends... Lent tends to start reeeeeally dragging right about now. As the beautiful weather begins, our statues are covered, and our hearts are longing for some Resurrection! Today for Friendsday Wednesday, my niece Kaitlin share with us a reflection about her desire for some New Life! Keep on keepin' on! Aunt Katie Inspired by the sun and the growing grass, I did something I hadn’t done in a long, long time in my relatively short life: planted some

How to Be a Lady (as told by St. Joan of Arc)

While we mourn the end of another Saints season, we turn to one of New Orleans' favorite saints, Joan of Arc! My Niece Kaitlin and I were recently working on a day of reflection for some junior high girls, and we were asked to address "How to Be a Lady" and "Friendship." Over a bourbon or two Kaitlin, a tomboy from birth, told me she felt more comfortable talking about friendship, but pulling Aunt rank, I said, "I thought you might... however, I've been praying about this and

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