Bicycle Built for Two

Each year the Ragin' Cajun Catholics have a special week of Giving, coinciding with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Homecoming Week. This week is always one of my favorite weeks of the year--the generosity of the Catholic community is incredibly humbling, the willingness of the students to be part of our zany video series is always endearing, but the tireless efforts of our staff to keep this mission to form lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ going is perhaps what

Boozeday Tuesday: Envigdka!

Today’s Boozeday Tuesday post will give you helpful hints for creating your own signature cocktails, the story behind Envigdka, and one deli

It's All Greek to Me...

Aunt Katie shares a story about how you don't have to be a theologian or a saint to start a revolution in your own community! This story

Dear Sister

Never know what to say when it comes to the subject of abortion? Here is a good place to start.