Week Two Challenge: Face to Face

It is good that we are here! This week we take a cue from Sunday's Gospel and explore how #SmartFreedom can revolutionize our relationships. We will maintain last week's rules & and one more this week: No Phones while in conversation with other people. We'll take a look at this rule a little more closely following our Scripture Reflection below! Be Dazzling, Aunt Katie Jesus took Peter, John, and James and went up the mountain to pray. While he was praying his face changed in

#SmartFreedom Ground Rules

Without further ado… here is your First Challenge: the Ground Rules! This first challenge lasts for ALL of Lent! So as each week progresses

Smartphones and the Seven Deadly Sins

I was once asked the following question: Which is your favorite deadly sin? The very dusty juris doctor portion of my brain had about 1000 follow up lawyer questions... What do you mean by favorite? Favorite as in I find myself committing that one the most? I suppose that makes it my least favorite because as St. Paul would say, why do I do the things I hate? Favorite as in, it is my least often committed--one I've felt victory over? Where the struggle is no longer real? Or t

21 Days to #SmartFreedom, Join the Challenge!

When we look at the disordered attachments in our lives we sometimes forget the biggest culprit... our phones. Though attachment is definitely the word. Any separation from our phones causes us an acute anxiety--what if I miss something important? Who was trying to reach me? How can I google the answer to whatever question comes up in this conversation if I do not have my phone in hand? This past Lent we embarked on a journey of detachment, our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challen

Triple Threat

Here is our first Weekly Lenten Bible Study!