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BOOK REVIEW: Rethink Happiness

This weekend I had the great joy of going to a book signing at Acadian Religious and Gift Shop for my dear friend Paul George's new book: Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy Yes--THE Paul George. Okay, No, not the basketball player Paul George--the other one. As Buddy the Elf would say, "I know him. I know him!!!" So with a special edition of FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY on a MONDAY, I'd love to tell you all about Paul's new book so that you can RETHINK you

Consider the Flowers

If you're like most of my friends... Lent tends to start reeeeeally dragging right about now. As the beautiful weather begins, our statues are covered, and our hearts are longing for some Resurrection! Today for Friendsday Wednesday, my niece Kaitlin share with us a reflection about her desire for some New Life! Keep on keepin' on! Aunt Katie Inspired by the sun and the growing grass, I did something I hadn’t done in a long, long time in my relatively short life: planted some

This Is Us

Meet my friends Jake + the other Katie!

Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Lent

Friendsday Wednesday is back! For those of you on the #SmartFreedom Challenge, you will enjoy this lovely (and convicting!) post from Miss Robin. For those of you picking up a different penance this Lent, we can all use a reminder about the beauty and intentionality of God's gift to us: the Sabbath! Have a restful, fruitful, and beautiful Lent! Choose Rest, Choose Joy, Aunt Katie It was the subtitle to the book, Sabbath, that first caught my attention many years ago while I w

We Belong To Each Other

Jesus' first experience of rejection came in the form of "NO VACANCY" signs on all of the local Bethlehem inns. How many of ou

Work It Wednesday: Friendship

Here is the next post in our Work It Wednesday series on the Corporal Works of Mercy! Thank you, Sarah Clement, for your dedication to the p

Moana + the Christian Life

Looking for some quality screen time with the fam this Thanksgiving? Enjoy this great Friendsday Wednesday post from our favorite resident D

Friendship: A Definition

Friendsday Wednesday is all about FRIENDS--so what is Friendship? What is it NOT?

Love in the Heart of the Church

Friendsday Wednesday: Thérèse Edition is a special one indeed. I am so pleased to introduce to you a woman that has taught me a great deal a

Talkin' Bout Talkin'

FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY! Aunt B + Bunny, expert friend-makers, share their TOP 5 TIPS for Making New Friends!!

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