Do Not Worry About Your Life

Radical dependence on God begins in letting go of worry. You read that right. Letting go... of worry. Sounds like a dream! Only it's not a dream... it's what the Lord directly commands us in Matthew 6. This week you are invited to reflect on Matthew 6:25-34. Journaling Prompt: Read and reflect on this important passage in Matthew 6. Rewrite this passage from Matthew in your own words with your own worries... and your own analogies. Jesus lists typical worries: life, eating, d

Radical Dependence

Coming up with a title for a Lenten Series (journey, reflection, lifeplan, regimen, etc.) on radical dependence was a challenge. How can you categorize, outline, plan, color-code, or some other synonym for “make yourself do something through 7-quick tips" the idea of radical dependence? We can’t. As we reflect on this concept, this intangible, this seemingly impossible, yet totally essential way of life, we have to first let go of the fact that there is a path, a plan, a mult

Week Three Challenge: Facing Our Identity Crisis

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of Lent are a special time for prayer and repentance for catechumens as they prepare to be baptized at the Easter VIgil. While we normally read from the Gospel of Luke during Year C, certain masses read from Year A (John 4--the Woman at the Well), a more fitting gospel for the first of the Scrutinies. The Scrutinies invite the catechumens to leave behind their lives of sin and deepen their commitment to Christ and better understand their identity

Week Two Challenge: Face to Face

It is good that we are here! This week we take a cue from Sunday's Gospel and explore how #SmartFreedom can revolutionize our relationships. We will maintain last week's rules & and one more this week: No Phones while in conversation with other people. We'll take a look at this rule a little more closely following our Scripture Reflection below! Be Dazzling, Aunt Katie Jesus took Peter, John, and James and went up the mountain to pray. While he was praying his face changed in

#SmartFreedom LENTEN Challenge Week 3

Have ya heard? Ask Aunt Katie is hosting a SmartFreedom Challenge for Lent. If you'd like to join the Challenge you can request to join the facebook group or email for more info! We'll still have our Friendsday Wednesdays, Boozeday Tuesdays, Theology Thursdays and the rest this Lent, so those of you who are already unchained from your SmartPhones won't be left out! Now put your phone down and read this on a computer like a person experiencing that sweet

Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Lent

Friendsday Wednesday is back! For those of you on the #SmartFreedom Challenge, you will enjoy this lovely (and convicting!) post from Miss Robin. For those of you picking up a different penance this Lent, we can all use a reminder about the beauty and intentionality of God's gift to us: the Sabbath! Have a restful, fruitful, and beautiful Lent! Choose Rest, Choose Joy, Aunt Katie It was the subtitle to the book, Sabbath, that first caught my attention many years ago while I w

Triple Threat

Here is our first Weekly Lenten Bible Study!

Making Ordinary Time EXTRAordinary

Us before Lent. Image: We’re 10 days out from LENT… the ultimate chocolate-avoiding, facebook-deleting, extra-mass-attending gauntlet of Catholic spirituality. These final 10 days of ordinary time are invaluable when it comes to getting the most fruit out of our Lenten journey. Admittedly, a lot of us use this lingering Ordinary time to binge on bingeing before the big fast begins. If we’re honest we often approach Lent like a diet… I’ll start on Monday