Word of the Month...

Sooooo I was going to choose a Word of the Month... but I didn't get around to it, so our Word of the Month is Procrastinate! How unpleasant. Rather, it seemed more fitting to pick the opposite, however, after a little research, I didn't want any of those words either! So what to do? What to do? I know! Let's spend more time on this conversation than on whatever it is we're avoiding as we procrastinate. In a minute, Aunt Katie Word of the Month: (Don't) Procrastinate Here are

You're Such a Monica!

Ever since college it seems that a group of four women can never get together without someone assigning Sex and the City characters--someone is the self-proclaimed Carrie, everyone is hoping to be considered the Charlotte, the Miranda is definitely in denial... and the Samantha, well, let's just keep her in prayer. Another 90s TV classic that has this effect is Friends. With six such distinct personalities, people love to say they're such-a-this character or such-a-that. You

#SmartFreedom LENTEN Challenge Week 3

Have ya heard? Ask Aunt Katie is hosting a SmartFreedom Challenge for Lent. If you'd like to join the Challenge you can request to join the facebook group or email AskAuntKatie@gmail.com for more info! We'll still have our Friendsday Wednesdays, Boozeday Tuesdays, Theology Thursdays and the rest this Lent, so those of you who are already unchained from your SmartPhones won't be left out! Now put your phone down and read this on a computer like a person experiencing that sweet

Theology Thursdays No.4

Last week we looked at Natural Revelation; today we head out-of-this-world into the beyond... Divine Revelation!

Theology Thursdays No.2

Last week we looked at becoming "partakers of the divine nature"... this week we start back at the very beginning: Man's Desir