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#SmartFreedom: Wake Me Up Before You Scroll Scroll

Now that we have sufficiently beat the first three #SmartFreedom Challenge Rules and their necessity into our brains... and have either given up totally OR have started to ease into some comfort with the Ground Rules, let's Reeeeally get started!! The best way to change our whole day is to start in the morning! I hope you enjoy today's challenge... It is VERY Life-Changing! And addresses my personal worst offense against #SmartFreedom. Goooood morning! Aunt Katie DAY 4 CHALLE

You're Such a Monica!

Ever since college it seems that a group of four women can never get together without someone assigning Sex and the City characters--someone is the self-proclaimed Carrie, everyone is hoping to be considered the Charlotte, the Miranda is definitely in denial... and the Samantha, well, let's just keep her in prayer. Another 90s TV classic that has this effect is Friends. With six such distinct personalities, people love to say they're such-a-this character or such-a-that. You

I'll See Her One Day

“Aunt Katie, you just went to the Ordination of the Centennial Seven, four first Masses of Thanksgiving, and six receptions in 29 hours, wha

How to Be a Lady (as told by St. Joan of Arc)

While we mourn the end of another Saints season, we turn to one of New Orleans' favorite saints, Joan of Arc! My Niece Kaitlin and I were recently working on a day of reflection for some junior high girls, and we were asked to address "How to Be a Lady" and "Friendship." Over a bourbon or two Kaitlin, a tomboy from birth, told me she felt more comfortable talking about friendship, but pulling Aunt rank, I said, "I thought you might... however, I've been praying about this and

Grieving with St. Ambrose

Grief is particularly difficult this time of year. Please join me in asking for the intercession of St. Ambrose as we pray for those who hav

What We Leave Behind

What happens when we say YES? JPII teaches us about his Yes! today... Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

And Then What?

It's Friendsday Wednesday! In the spirit of Saint John Paul II, Kaitlin shares a challenging reflection about how we approach the Mass a

Faith + Science #thestruggle

That awkward moment when someone brings up the relationship between faith and science... Saint JPII Week Continues!

Love in the Heart of the Church

Friendsday Wednesday: Thérèse Edition is a special one indeed. I am so pleased to introduce to you a woman that has taught me a great deal a

BOOK REVIEW: Shirt of Flame

How do you write about a book that changed your life and revolutionized your relationship with the communion of saints?

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