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HOLY WEEK Challenge: True Freedom

Last year when we kicked off our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challenge, I had no idea what a burden, what an addiction, what a misery I had created for myself by scrolling and refreshing and checking and rechecking my life away. The difficulty of each challenge made my attachment apparent and palpable. As we close out this year's Lenten challenge, I invite you to reflect on what worked... what graces you received... and what kind of phone future you want to have. I know that pret

21 Days to #SmartFreedom, Join the Challenge!

When we look at the disordered attachments in our lives we sometimes forget the biggest culprit... our phones. Though attachment is definitely the word. Any separation from our phones causes us an acute anxiety--what if I miss something important? Who was trying to reach me? How can I google the answer to whatever question comes up in this conversation if I do not have my phone in hand? This past Lent we embarked on a journey of detachment, our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challen

#Smart Freedom HOLY WEEK Challenge!

It's DAY 40... and I know what you're thinking... there was no DAY 39 Challenge. That's simply because I wasn't on my phone on Saturday... a feat I never thought I could have accomplished. Not being on my phone yesterday was natural. Fitting. As if I never had a phone problem. Don't get me wrong, I used my phone--just to it's proper purpose: Phone Calls. In the morning I giggled over the phone like a teenager with the handsome guy that took me out on a date the night before.

#SmartFreedom LENTEN Challenge Week 3

Have ya heard? Ask Aunt Katie is hosting a SmartFreedom Challenge for Lent. If you'd like to join the Challenge you can request to join the facebook group or email for more info! We'll still have our Friendsday Wednesdays, Boozeday Tuesdays, Theology Thursdays and the rest this Lent, so those of you who are already unchained from your SmartPhones won't be left out! Now put your phone down and read this on a computer like a person experiencing that sweet

Weekly Challenge: Make a Top Ten List

Some of my students who are running their own non-profit (casual), approached me to do a piece for their blog. They were looking for a blog post about "the 10 steps to a new year/new semester resolutions regarding prayer life--spiritual life--balancing life..." Easy, no? I had not really thought of a Top Ten list for resolutions or best practices, or life-survival, or general advice for all of my nieces and nephews, but I am so glad to be asked. This week's Weekly Challenge i

Talkin' Bout Talkin'

FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY! Aunt B + Bunny, expert friend-makers, share their TOP 5 TIPS for Making New Friends!!

Giving Up Screen Time

Perhaps it is not FOMO that you are suffering from... rather it is FOMOOKSBEED.

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