Faith + Science #thestruggle

That awkward moment when someone brings up the relationship between faith and science... Saint JPII Week Continues!

Fake News + Real Presence

The realest reality we can know is the Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul, + Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Alt

Stirring Things Up

Not a dove, Not chocolate, Not Dove Chocolate, Not Steve... who is the Holy Spirit?

Giving Up Screen Time

Perhaps it is not FOMO that you are suffering from... rather it is FOMOOKSBEED.

Through a Mother's Eyes

Aunt Katie shares a devotional practice that revolutionized her relationship with Jesus and Mary.

What Moves You? SEEK2017

I started my New Year off with a bang: learning, praising, and praying with almost 13,000 college students at SEEK2017, a national conference put on by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). The biennial conference was held in San Antonio, TX, January 3-7. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has worked with FOCUS since 2011. FOCUS is a national organization that takes recent college graduates, forms them into missionaries, and sends them back to college