Word for the Year (2018)

Haven't picked a Word for the Year yet? Already regretting your choice? Here's an updated post on what to do next!!

Aunt Katie Claus' Christmas List: Best Music!

I'll be honest with you... I listen to the same 10 or so albums over and over. Therefore offering musical suggestions for the discerning palate is not my area of expertise. Enter Father Bryce Sibley with this Friendsday Friday contribution on the Top Ten Albums of 2017. I would only add two albums to the list... Wonderful, Wonderful--The Killers (my favorite album and concert of 2017) and From a Room, Vol. 1 + 2--Chris Stapleton. Both are wonderful, wonderful! I'll also share

Confidence in God

What do snow, St. Therese, the Immaculate Conception, and colorfully wrapped presents have in common? It must be Aunt Katie's birthday!