Week Three Challenge: Facing Our Identity Crisis

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of Lent are a special time for prayer and repentance for catechumens as they prepare to be baptized at the Easter VIgil. While we normally read from the Gospel of Luke during Year C, certain masses read from Year A (John 4--the Woman at the Well), a more fitting gospel for the first of the Scrutinies. The Scrutinies invite the catechumens to leave behind their lives of sin and deepen their commitment to Christ and better understand their identity

Day 19: What are we missing?

With only three days remaining, let's reflect on what it is we're actually missing when we're glued to our phones. Today we'll look at one of my favorite Bible passages and how letting go can bring us what we're inevitably looking for (and not finding) on our phones... CONNECTION & PEACE! Off to the Well, Aunt Katie P.S. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places was originally published on AskAuntKatie.com on March 3, 2018. One of my favorite encounters in the Gospel of John i

Boozeday Tuesday: Red, White, + Bourbon

What a glorious Memorial Day! I hope all of you got lots of rest as we remembered those who lost their lives for our civil freedoms. BBQs and family gatherings are always livened up by a themed cocktail, and yesterday's invention was no exception... Introducing the RED, WHITE, + BOURBON! Aunt Katie's take on a Bourbon Smash. Of course every day can be memorial day when you're Christian, as Jesus gave up His life for our ultimate freedom... so no need to wait until next May to

Spa Bourbon. (You heard me.)

It's our inaugural Boozeday Tuesday post where we share drink recipes and recommendations! Bon appe-drink!