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HOLY WEEK Challenge: True Freedom

Last year when we kicked off our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challenge, I had no idea what a burden, what an addiction, what a misery I had created for myself by scrolling and refreshing and checking and rechecking my life away. The difficulty of each challenge made my attachment apparent and palpable. As we close out this year's Lenten challenge, I invite you to reflect on what worked... what graces you received... and what kind of phone future you want to have. I know that pret

#Smart Freedom HOLY WEEK Challenge!

It's DAY 40... and I know what you're thinking... there was no DAY 39 Challenge. That's simply because I wasn't on my phone on Saturday... a feat I never thought I could have accomplished. Not being on my phone yesterday was natural. Fitting. As if I never had a phone problem. Don't get me wrong, I used my phone--just to it's proper purpose: Phone Calls. In the morning I giggled over the phone like a teenager with the handsome guy that took me out on a date the night before.

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