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Simple Summer

Sometimes we just need to breathe. While the thick, humid air of a Louisiana Summer doesn't always make breathing easy, we are afforded extra daylight, extra rest, and extra opportunity to recreate. So what will we do with this time? How will we change? How will we grow? This summer at Ask Aunt Katie we are working on a #SimpleSummer. In praying about what my heart needed this summer "Simple" is the word that came up. I have read (skimmed) several books on productivity, organ

Weekly Challenge: Schedule a Retreat!

It's a New Year... and it's still you. And YOU need a retreat!! This weekend I was blessed to spend a few days in silence. PRAISE! So for today's weekly challenge we're going to look at the top 5 excuses you need to get over so you can go on a retreat! (1) I don't have time. FALSE. If you've been asked the question "Are you still watching?" in the last month--you have time. (2) I don't know where to go. LAME. Right now you are connected to the world wide web. If you can't fin

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