You're Such a Monica!

Ever since college it seems that a group of four women can never get together without someone assigning Sex and the City characters--someone is the self-proclaimed Carrie, everyone is hoping to be considered the Charlotte, the Miranda is definitely in denial... and the Samantha, well, let's just keep her in prayer. Another 90s TV classic that has this effect is Friends. With six such distinct personalities, people love to say they're such-a-this character or such-a-that. You

21 Days to #SmartFreedom, Join the Challenge!

When we look at the disordered attachments in our lives we sometimes forget the biggest culprit... our phones. Though attachment is definitely the word. Any separation from our phones causes us an acute anxiety--what if I miss something important? Who was trying to reach me? How can I google the answer to whatever question comes up in this conversation if I do not have my phone in hand? This past Lent we embarked on a journey of detachment, our inaugural #SmartFreedom Challen

Weekly Challenge: Doves Tales + Fire Safety

As many of you know... I have a dove problem. And by problem, I mean a significant attachment to the doves that frequent my patio. I may or may not have cancelled cable because it is much more interesting to watch what is happening on my patio than on live television. Two years ago, shortly after having resurrected my instagram--coincidence? I don't think so--two doves moved into my bougainvillea hanging basket. Did I mention they moved in ON PENTECOST? It was just a little t

#SmartFreedom LENTEN Challenge Week 3

Have ya heard? Ask Aunt Katie is hosting a SmartFreedom Challenge for Lent. If you'd like to join the Challenge you can request to join the facebook group or email for more info! We'll still have our Friendsday Wednesdays, Boozeday Tuesdays, Theology Thursdays and the rest this Lent, so those of you who are already unchained from your SmartPhones won't be left out! Now put your phone down and read this on a computer like a person experiencing that sweet

Be Little

This Month's pre-Lent challenge comes from Jesus himself... or at least the man that played him on the big screen, Jim Caviezel.

Weekly Challenge: Intentionality

New Year, New You, right? Sure. We spend January stumbling through self-improvement... clean eating, new tennis shoes, more quiet time, less

Word for the Year (2018)

Haven't picked a Word for the Year yet? Already regretting your choice? Here's an updated post on what to do next!!

Mercy for a Hurting World

Enjoy this moving photo exploration of the Corporal Works of Mercy. I love Friendsday Wednesday!!