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Bienvenue + Welcome!

OBX--an EPIC #austinfamilyroadtrip

I’m so glad you’ve made it… I have so much to tell you!

Welcome to Ask Aunt Katie, a Catholic Lifestyle blog--living fabulously in the world but without being of the world. Christianity is a both/and religion. Jesus was both Man and God. The Church is both Human and Divine. We are a Body and Soul unity! We can be both Catholic and have a Life lived with Style, hence the purpose of a “Catholic Lifestyle blog.”

As Catholics we don’t think matter is inherently evil… rather, we believe that God’s creation is inherently good. We can eat, drink, and be merry (just within reason, because tomorrow we may in fact die). That means that here at Ask Aunt Katie we will talk about Food, Prayer, Travel, Catechesis, Beauty, Scripture, Entertainment, Dogma, Culture, Relationships, Virtue, and general Tomfoolery with a pinch of Hilarity… you know, all of the topics you’d want to talk to your cool aunt about!

Well, Karen, I’ll tell you. Our mantra at Ask Aunt Katie is “Je choisis tout” or “I choose everything!” This quote comes from Saint Therese of Lisieux. The young French saint tells this story in her autobiography, Story of a Soul:

Léonie, thinking no doubt that she was too big to play with dolls, brought us a basket filled with clothes, pretty pieces of stuff, and other trifles on which her doll was hid: “Here, dears,” she said, “choose whatever you like.” Céline looked at it, and took a woolen ball. After thinking about it for a minute, I put out my hand saying: “I choose everything,” and I carried off both doll and basket without more ado.

Here Therese teaches us something about life… EVERYTHING isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, Aunt Katie, the world tells us that we should try to “have it all” even if our families, sleep, health, self-worth, and sanity have to take a backseat. So which is it? Choosing EVERYTHING is good or choosing EVERYTHING is bad?

I think the key word here is CHOOSE. We are gifted with a free will, so the question becomes what navigation app are we using when recalculating-recalculating-recalculating the Choose Your Own Adventure Novel of our lives? If Jesus takes the wheel, then Choosing All becomes Choosing Holiness.

Do we wake up in the morning and Choose Life? Choose Joy? Choose Wisdom? Choose Truth? Choose Love? Choose Sacrifice? Choose Trust? Do we say YES to the opportunities that the Lord presents? The easy and the difficult? The sacrifice and the celebration? The fun and the boring? The naps and the workouts? The pizza and the salad? Saint Therese goes on to explain her choice:

This childish incident was a forecast, so to speak, of my whole life. Later on, when the way of perfection was opened out before me, I realized that in order to become a Saint one must suffer much, always seek the most perfect path, and forget oneself. I also understood that there are many degrees of holiness, that each soul is free to respond to the calls of Our Lord, to do much or little for His Love—in a word, to choose amongst the sacrifices He asks. And then also, as in the days of my childhood, I cried out: “My God, I choose everything, I will not be a Saint by halves, I am not afraid of suffering for Thee, I only fear one thing, and that is to do my own will. Accept the offering of my will, for I choose all that Thou willest.”

If we don’t want to be half-saints, we have to start working on our YES. This site is about helping you find your YES… ALL THE YES!

YES to opportunity, to travel, to self-care, to extra cheese, to prayer, to what scares you, to trusting Jesus, to seeing life as a radical adventure, to being a Saint, to being obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church, to cold pizza for breakfast, to the small sacrifices, to the Big Dreams, to the Little Way, to chocolate, to new challenges, to old fashioneds, to living life abundantly (John 10:10), to shaking bad habits, to wearing the higher heel, to asking for more wine (John 2:3), to the scenic route, to forgiving others, to forgiving yourself, to doing cartwheels, to naps, to drinking more water (John 2:3), to adding some fruit to that water because plain water is boring… we choose all.

We’re having a party here at Ask Aunt Katie, and you’re invited!

…to love Jesus unreservedly, live life authentically, celebrate the giftedness of others, never stop growing, Choose All!

Under the patronage of my favorite four Ts: St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, and St. Teresa of Calcutta, we ask the Lord to bless our conversations, comments, and contributors!

ALL my love & prayers,

Aunt Katie

Site Navigation & Special Features!

  • The Choose All Blog: including topics ranging from Catholic theology to College Gameday and/or fall nail colors. In addition to hearing from Aunt Katie, we will be highlighting a number of her super-talented and moderately cool friends as guest contributors!

  • Ask Aunt Katie IRL: looking for a speaker to come to your diocese? Parish? School? Sorority House? Prayer group? Living room… because you can’t drink that bottle of wine by yourself? Bring Aunt Katie over!

  • Dear Aunt Katie, Mentoring Services: need help with your resume, nervous about your upcoming interview, or riding the struggle bus to work? Is your life what some people might call a mess? Give Aunt Katie a call!

P.S. Need your daily Aunt Katie fix? Follow us on social media! @AskAuntKatie


It is with great joy, humility, excitement, fear, vulnerability (yuck!) and trembling that I launch this new project. I send a very special thank you to my family for the gift of the Catholic faith, for your unwavering support, and for hours of proofing my split infinitives. Thank you to my friends and co-workers who inspire me every day to love Jesus more and for making me laugh until I cry on the regular. Thank you to my little nieces, nephews for always putting life into perspective, to their parents for adopting me as a sister, and to my college students for treating me like the cool young aunt your grandma had late in life. Thank you, internet for adorable videos of animals wearing outfits and eating people food--you make work impossible, but life worth living. Thank you, Mary for your YES. & Thank you, Jesus.

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