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Happy Birthday, Mama!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Holy Mary, Holy Mother of God, Holy Virgin of Virgins,

Mother of Christ, Mother of divine grace, Mother most pure, Mother most chaste, Mother inviolate, Mother undefiled, Mother most amiable, Mother most admirable, Mother of good Counsel, Mother of our Creator, Mother of our Savior, Virgin most prudent, Virgin most venerable, Virgin most renowned, Virgin most powerful, Virgin most merciful, Virgin most faithful, Mirror of justice, Seat of wisdom, Cause of our joy, Spiritual vessel, Vessel of honor, Singular vessel of devotion, Mystical rose, Tower of David, Tower of ivory, House of gold, Ark of the covenant, Gate of heaven, Morning star, Health of the sick, Refuge of sinners, Comforter of the afflicted, Help of Christians, Queen of Angels, Queen of Patriarchs, Queen of Prophets, Queen of Apostles, Queen of Martyrs, Queen of Confessors, Queen of Virgins, Queen of all Saints, Queen conceived without original sin, Queen assumed into heaven, Queen of the most holy Rosary, Queen of families, Queen of peace!

Happy Birthday to you!!

May your children behave, may your Son be always glorified, and may your wine glass always be full!

In honor of your birthday, Mama Mary, here are two AAK posts all about you:

The one about you being a Queen...

The one about getting to know you better...

In Him, Through You,

Aunt Katie


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