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On Giving Up Bread in September

I didn't.

I intended to... but you know... it just didn't happen. I think I didn't have bread one day since September 1st?


Aunt Katie's Advice for Life:

Sometimes we don't follow through on our spiritual sacrifices--we don't finish the novena, we missed a Holy Hour, we didn't follow through with the fast... and we get discouraged, give up, skip the rest of the novena prayers, and Holy Hours, and fasts. Well, that's just silly.

The reality is God lives outside of time... Let that sink in for a minute.

He lives outside of time... He's omnipresent... He doesn't live by "I screwed up my plan so I'll start over Monday... or by the 1st... or when Lent begins."

So whatever commitments you intended with the Lord this week--this month--this semester. Just start today.

Or tomorrow... because I really want a po-boy. And Sunday is the Sabbath. So Monday. Definitely Monday.

(Trying to live) In Him,

Aunt Katie

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