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Weekly Challenge: 7 days, 7 challenges

Seven. A number with so much meaning... representative of the covenant and of perfection. Seven. Also the number of days and the week & the number of WEEKLY CHALLENGES issued by Aunt Katie! To celebrate and recap, I challenge you to a WEEK of WEEKLY CHALLENGES! Click each link with the "Challenge #" to read the challenge!

Bonus Challenge: Share this post on social media + tag 7 friends (including @AskAuntKatie on Instagram or Facebook or @KatieCAustin on Twitter). There will be prizes!!

Good luck :-)

Aunt Katie

Challenge #One: Shhhh!

Challenge #Two: FREEEDOM!!

Challenge #Three: Gratitude

Challenge #Four: Choose All (inspired by St. Therese de Lisieux)

Challenge #Five: Call Your Mom (Rosary Challenge!)

Challenge #Six: Peace (inspired by St. Teresa of Avila)

Challenge #Seven: Be Not Afraid (inspired by St. John Paul II)

#Challenge #weeklychallenge

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