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Ultimate Friendsday: All Saints


While Friendsday Wednesday has become a very popular feature on, who can choose a friend on the day of the year where we celebrate all of the holy friends? All Saints Day! Here's 3 ways you can get more out of All Saints Day & celebrate the Saints throughout the month of November. Because All Saints can be celebrated any day!

(1) Pick a Saint to be your special patron this week, month, or even year! Here are some How To ideas:

  • Play "bible roulette" with a Saint of the Day book (where you flip through the pages with your eyes closed and stop at random.)

  • Print a list of your favorites (and some new unknowns), cut up the list, put them in a hat, and draw names with your friends!

  • Or check out Jen Fulwiler's Saint Name Generator.

(2) Take that saint and get to know them...

  • Read his or her biography

  • Find out what other saints were alive at the same time... in the same town...

  • Read some of his or her writing

  • and ask for their intercession regularly!

(3) Start watching the New Orleans Saints!

  • Trust me, if you want to learn how to pray... become a Saints fan. I've begged God for many miracles on those Sunday afternoons.

  • FUN FACT: The New Orleans Saints are named such because the Team was founded on All Saints Day, November 1st! The Saints celebrated their 51st Birthday today! Which means they could win Superbowl 52 on the same year they turn 52!! #miracleshappen

Who Dat,

Aunt Katie

#SaintoftheDay #Challenge

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