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How to Win at Parenting

This post may be our most anticipated Friendsday Wednesday to date. Friendsday Wednesday may or may not have been invented just for this particular friend to post. Lauren Romero is literally the coolest, and I want to be her when I grow up. You'll have a Ph.D. in Parenting after spending any time with this fabulous mom of 5 (Spoiler alert: the 5th is my godson and possibly the cutest child in all of history--don't tell my other nieces and nephews.)


Aunt Katie

Image: Jude Romero loves gumbo.

Never in my life did I ever think that Aunt Katie would ask me to be a guest poster. I am so unworthy to put my thoughts out to you sweet readers. But if you insist on learning the secrets to parenthood, then read on. I'd like to think that after having five children I would know all the secrets and have all the answers, but just like most parents, I'm learning as I go. It's a work in progress. Parenting gifts you with so many amazing moments and so many moments that are the result of a Litany of Humility foolishly prayed earlier in life.

Top Five Keys to Winning at Parenting

(1) Silence. Fear it. You never know when your children may be tattooing themselves with markers.

(2) Complete a Whole30 the month school starts... and you have a 3 month old.

(3) it, or don't. Either way, it may become accent decor in your living room.

(4) Pray... for patience with your children. God will give you lots of opportunities to use it.

(5) Hide the cookie dough in the fridge, wait till all children are asleep, and then enjoy some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk.

No, but seriously, the most important thing you can do as a parent is to love God above all. Have a relationship with Him because you need #allthegrace. Parenting is nothing but total trust and complete surrender to God's will and plan for your family. Secondly, love and respect your spouse. Be a strong support to one another and pray together! And lastly, hug and kiss those babies as much as you possibly can. Teach them how to love and serve God with their whole heart.

Image gallery (clockwise): Lauren was asked to crown Mary this May just weeks before baby Joseph Benedict was born; Lauren and Jason + Anne Frances, Joseph Benedict, Jude Bradford, Adele Rose, and Magdalene Marie (all beautifully photographed by Jamie Orillion photography; JoBenny getting up close and personal to St. JPII's relics; Seriously, could he be more handsome; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Godmother, Aunt Katie.)

Lauren Romero is a stay at home mom, just adding jewels to her heavenly crown. Triumphing over perfectionism, dominating the parenting game, and baking cookies after her children go to bed are a few of her hobbies. Her husband Jason is basically the luckiest human alive. You can follow her and the adorable antics of her fabulous 5 on insta @laurenromero717.

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