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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

As FriendsGiving Week continues, we pause today to talk about how to make new friends. Why is it so difficult for us to make new friends? Despite the fact that our friend (and follower) totals may run into the thousands through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, true, genuine friendships are much harder to come by.

If I’m honest, I have no real fear of public speaking, “putting myself out there”, or generally making a fool of myself—but trying to start a conversation with a stranger or going to a party where I don’t know anyone or even thinking about going to a party where I don’t know anyone causes me to breakout in a cold sweat.

We get super intimidated and insecure when it comes to meeting new people. What are they going to think of me? What if this person is the one who finally figures out that secretly I'm a big weirdo? They are all going to laugh at me—and not because I am hilarious!

These fears keep us from the incredible opportunity of Connection! They keep us from the ability to bless another person with kindness—another person who probably has the same insecurities! These fears deteriorate our self-worth and, ironically, make us intimidating and unapproachable to others.

Like chewing gum in Mass, we need to just stop it. These strangers are God’s children, and it is time for us to meet our extended family. I invite you to put down your phone (not yet, finish reading the link below), smile, and start saying some Hellos!

Want some advice on how to make a new friend? Spoiler alert: It starts with opening our mouths! Here is a repost from some expert friend-makers that I have the privilege to know and who have have really helped me get over my own small talk fears: Bunny & Aunt B: Talkin’ Bout Talkin’

Thank you for stopping by! Keep sharing the Ragin’ Cajun Catholics FriendsGiving love. Here’s today’s video, Enjoy!:

And don’t forget—we have a GIVEAWAY at the end of the week for one lucky reader who has been sharing any of the FriendsGiving posts!!

Good talk,

Aunt Katie

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