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Mercy for a Hurting World

In the spirit of our Matthew 25 #weeklychallenge, I wanted to share with you an incredibly moving photo exploration exhibit I experienced recently, Mercy for a Hurting World, a project with Jamie Orillion and Matthew Thomas commissioned by St. John’s Cathedral in Lafayette, LA.

Before you view the photos and read the vignettes, I encourage you to stop. Take a breath. And ask Jesus where He's calling you to action...

Dear Jesus,

Give us Your eyes.

Give us Your heart.

Empty our hands.

Bless the artists who teach us through beauty.


Be moved,

Aunt Katie

FEED THE HUNGRY Bread of life, I’ve never known hunger. You fill me with compassion for those who are without. Through your providence use me to spread your gifts to those around me. Your unfailing help gives me peace.

GIVE DRINK TO THE THIRSTY Fountain of Mercy poured out over me, as these gifts have been given to me I freely give them to those who need it most. Simple acts of mercy can be the hardest to convey, but your love makes it always within my reach.

CLOTHE THE NAKED Shepard, I see so many suffering. Winter months are especially difficult to witness others ill prepared to face the cold. Protect them on long nights in the elements. I clothe them on your behalf not only for warmth, but also to give them the dignity inherent to all children of heaven.

CARE FOR THE SICK Divine healer, leading by example you showed us how to truly care for the sick. What a beautiful way to show love, the giving of ourselves for the betterment of our fellow man. There are countless miracles attributed to your name. How many more would there be if we came to you in those who are in their most fragile state? Sometimes the greatest aid to another is our time spent loving them.

SHELTER THE HOMELESS Rock, foundation of faith, our cities are full of homeless men, women, and families. We see the physical struggle homelessness has on a person but never consider the emotional toll it plays on a mind. In a world that thinks its way out of feeling, open our eyes to this injustice and steer our hearts down a path of service.

VISIT THE IMPRISONED My comforter, my companion and my friend, you reassure me that your mercy is greater than any sin. We've all built walls around ourselves, but we can tear them down whenever we want. The imprisoned are often neglected and written off. When we visit them may we see your face in them, for you were imprisoned once and the weight of the world was forced on your back. Change the hearts of the convicted and give hope to the wrongfully accused.

BURY THE DEAD Eternal Father, each day we undulate through many different timelines. In the commotion of our material world we sometimes forget that we are tabernacles for the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that makes love possible at all. Recognizing that each life passes through death with you waiting on the other side, I realize that a proper burial is something that everyone deserves. Help me to remember the forgotten. May they Rest In Peace.

A project with Jamie Orillion, Matthew Thomas, and St. John’s Cathedral.

A very special thank you to Jamie Orillion, Matthew Thomas, and St. John's Cathedral. If you have any questions about this work or would like to bring this exhibit to your parish or community, please contact

This post kicks off our end of year "WorkIt Wednesdays" series that will feature different aspects of the Corporal Works of Mercy each Wednesday! See you next week with an inspiring post from Catholic Services of Acadiana!

#CorporalWorksofMercy #weeklychallenge #Matthew25

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