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Weekly Challenge: Schedule a Retreat!

It's a New Year... and it's still you. And YOU need a retreat!! This weekend I was blessed to spend a few days in silence. PRAISE! So for today's weekly challenge we're going to look at the top 5 excuses you need to get over so you can go on a retreat!

(1) I don't have time.

FALSE. If you've been asked the question "Are you still watching?" in the last month--you have time.

(2) I don't know where to go.

LAME. Right now you are connected to the world wide web. If you can't find a retreat in this day and age of google and over-connectedness, no one can. Ask friends for recommendations, check to see what is being held in your diocese, ask a priest, or email me, and I'll give you some specific options. BABY STEP: All Ladies are invited to the Acadiana Theresians Day of Reflection on February 17, 2018, in Lafayette, LA. Now this offers you a great opportunity to get away and pray--but only for the day. A retreat means you should be retreating.

(3) I've never been on a retreat.

WELL, MY DEAR, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT! A reTREAT. Retreats come in many different formats... some have lots of small groups with discussions and activities, others are silent, directed, or contain a series of conferences or talks. Whatever format you choose, the goal is the same: to spend time away from your everyday life and spend some QT with Jesus. BONUS: If you can, turn your electronics off while you're there!

(4) The last retreat I went on was for Confirmation/Engaged Encounter/Fill in the Blank... and it was the WORST!

YIKES. I'm so sorry to hear that. Again, retreats have different forms... sometimes we don't connect with a particular speaker or your roommate snored or that person in our small group dominated the entire conversation bragging about her amazing Aunt blog. Regardless of your past experiences, do not be deterred from trying something new! The Lord has a lot he wants to say... wouldn't it be awesome if we put ourselves in a better position to hear Him?

(5) I can't afford it.

PREACH. However, our spiritual health is something we need to invest in. If we spend money on gym memberships (that we don't use), and healthy food like avocados that go bad before we leave the store, and buy new tennis shoes every January... we can set aside some money for some spiritual exercises. Further, many retreat centers and retreat leaders have scholarships available, but most importantly there are people in your life that would love to give you the opportunity to get away... ask for a retreat fee for Valentine's Day, your birthday, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day again, etc.

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