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#SmartFreedom, Join the Challenge!

When we look at the disordered attachments in our lives we sometimes forget the biggest culprit... our phones. Though attachment is definitely the word. Any separation from our phones causes us an acute anxiety--what if I miss something important? Who was trying to reach me? How can I google the answer to whatever question comes up in this conversation if I do not have my phone in hand?

While attending a silent retreat a few weeks ago I would practically jump out of my seat trying to remember if my phone was on silent during a talk... my phone was off, in a suitcase, in my room, 2 floors above. Yikes. That sounds like attachment. Another woman on the retreat told me how she felt phantom vibrations in her pocket. You guessed it--also no phone. Scary stuff.

This Lent we invite you to join the #SmartFreedom Challenge! We will be addressing our SmartPhone addictions headon. No, you won't be phone free for 40 days, but you will start to build up the skills to be without it for hours at a time. If you'd like to be part of the #SmartFreedom Challenge Group you can email or message us through Facebook or Instagram @AskAuntKatie.

Let's be free,

Aunt Katie

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