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Boozeday Tuesday: The Procrastinator

It's Tax Day... so a cocktail for getting the job done seemed most appropriate. The 2018 calendar was kind to those who like to be on the last minute. I've always said deadlines are the only reason I do anything. Luckily, the editor for this website is very forgiving.

This weekend I tackled a major project that I had been putting off since... well... I don't even know how long: Cleaning Out My Closet. Quel Nightmare! [Name the movie.] What I was missing was motivation. I had just finished re-bingeing Mad Men. [Sidenote: I do not recommend bingeing Mad Men--it always comes with the unintended consequence of an inordinate desire to buy cigarettes and day drink.] Speaking of day drinking! I was facing the impossible--my closet! So I needed a little motivator... enter The Procrastinator.

The Procrastinator

2 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Bai Brasilia Blueberry (it has antioxidants!)

1 oz. Pamplemousse La Croix (cuz I'm basic.)

Pour over ice in a cocktail glass of your choice... or an old kid's cup from Cane's. No judgment here.

NOTE: The Procrastinator can be made with a liquor and/or mixer of your choice... my ingredient list was based upon what was in my fridge. Pairs well with string cheese and those last 10 Wheat Thins at the bottom of the box that are only there so you can say "No, I definitely did not eat an entire box of Wheat Thins in one sitting."

Epilogue: My closet looks amazing, and I slept for 9 hours Sunday night. The Procrastinator, helping me finish projects since 2018.

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