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BOOK REVIEW: Rethink Happiness

This weekend I had the great joy of going to a book signing at Acadian Religious and Gift Shop for my dear friend Paul George's new book:

Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy

Yes--THE Paul George. Okay, No, not the basketball player Paul George--the other one.

As Buddy the Elf would say, "I know him. I know him!!!"

So with a special edition of FRIENDSDAY WEDNESDAY on a MONDAY, I'd love to tell you all about Paul's new book so that you can RETHINK your next book purchase.

Paul George (not the basketball player) has been spreading the joy of the Gospel for over 20 years--he has aged well. When I first heard Paul speak--waaaay in my youth, I was captivated by his storytelling and... height. I remember being very inspired to want to share my faith with such boldness and love. Cut to years later when we would find ourselves drawing up plans on the side of a Sonic drink carrier for the first annual Geaux Conference for the Ragin' Cajun Catholics Student Ministry on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Working beside Paul to build up the kingdom of God was an incredible experience full of laughter, tears from laughter, gallons of diet coke, and bags of donuts. It was a happy time, so when I learned he was writing a book called Rethink Happiness, I knew that it would be good!

Rethink Happiness invites the reader to do just that--shed their illusions and frustrations about what the world says will make you happy, and turn to the ultimate source: God! Many of us--even Christians who struggle daily to stay connected to the Father, still find ourselves empty or wanting more. Paul's reflections bring light to those dark times, challenge you to dig deep, and give you the tools to simplify your life!

In Paul's own words:

This book isn't a twelve-step guide to happiness or a quick fix for life's problems. We are not made simply to be "fixed" or "solved." We are created for much more. This book is meant to be your companion as you tackle some of the most important questions you'll ever ask yourself--as you being to rethink what really matters to you.

Chapters include topics such as "We're all starving"--seriously, I'm hungry right now, "It's time to surrender"--yikes, "Take the leap", and "Live the abundant life"--preach!

From the chapter entitled "Recognize Authentic Beauty", Paul really hits close to home for many of us:

You may be lost right now or feel as though God isn't with you on your journey. You've probably felt alone or neglected, You probably understand disappointment, dissatisfaction, not knowing what's next or where life is taking you. You may have experienced feeling afraid of what's ahead--but God promises to be with us. Does God really keep his word?

I won't tell you the answer... you'll have to buy the book.

Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy

is available for purchase online at Ave Maria Press, Amazon (Kindle edition available!), and Barnes & Noble (Nook edition is 31% off today!!) However, in the spirit of #SmartFreedom, if we are going to rethink happiness, we may want to begin by rethinking our usual habits... I smell a weekly challenge coming....

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: For your next book purchase (you know which one I'm recommending), buy it local. This would mean you have to get in your car, drive to your local religious bookstore, and interact with a human or two. I know this is asking a lot--but this challenge also involves a chance of eye contact, smiles, and the potential exchange of pleasantries. Not only that, but who knows what other spiritual treasures you may discover in the store!

Part of rethinking happiness is seeking authentic relationship--not only with God but with each other. What better way to form community than communing with other humans. We had such a good time at the book signing! Visiting with family and friends while shopping--what a delight!

Happy Rethinking,

Aunt Katie

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