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Boozeday Tuesday: Red, White, + Bourbon

What a glorious Memorial Day! I hope all of you got lots of rest as we remembered those who lost their lives for our civil freedoms. BBQs and family gatherings are always livened up by a themed cocktail, and yesterday's invention was no exception... Introducing the RED, WHITE, + BOURBON! Aunt Katie's take on a Bourbon Smash. Of course every day can be memorial day when you're Christian, as Jesus gave up His life for our ultimate freedom... so no need to wait until next May to prepare this cocktail.

Let's get smashed!

Aunt Katie



Ounces of Bourbon (depends how much you need)

1/2 Kiwi

1 Tbs Frozen Strawberries

1 Tbs Strawberry Jam

Splash of Simple Syrup

Lemon Twist


Muddle kiwi, frozen strawberries, + jam. Add as much ice as you want, pour over as much bourbon as you need (depending on the family function), add simple syrup and twist of lemon. Enjoy! Served best in a Mason Jar, next to a BBQ pit, while still wearing pajamas.

Notes from the field: As the fruit settles to the bottom, you can add additional bourbon to keep your drink refilled. You can try other fruits for other summery sipping adventures!

Bonus recipe!!

SIMPLE SIMPLE SYRUP or Deconstructed Simple Syrup (AKA Lazy Simple Syrup)


Sprinkle of Sugar in the Raw

Splash of water


No that's it. Just throw it in there.

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