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Day Nine: Call Your Mom!

As we continue on our walk down Virtue lane, we stop in at FAITH. And what do you know... it's Day Nine. When thinking of "Nine Days" and "Faith"--who comes to mind? Why, our Mama Mary!! Rather than starting yet another novena that you may or may not finish, we're going to take some time away from our phones and pray the rosary!

Wrap yourself up in that mantle,

Aunt Katie

P.S. Here's the Checklist again incase the challenges are getting difficult to remember:

#SmartFreedom Challenge Checklist:

  • No phone while driving (See Day Two).

  • No phone during meals (whether alone or with others) (See Day Three).

  • No phone in the bathroom (See Day Four).

  • No phone for your morning alarm clock (See Day Five).

  • Complete phonexamination of conscience (See Day Six).

  • Be Phone Free 1 Hour before bed UNTIL 1 Hour after waking (See Day Seven).

  • No phone in the presence of other humans (See Day Eight).



Day Nine Challenge: #SmartFreedom Rosary [voted one of the favorite challenges from Lent!]

NOTE: If you cannot find your rosary do not use your phone as a substitute... God gave us 10 fingers.

Here are your intentions for each mystery:

1st Mystery: Pray for the intentions of your contact list.

2nd Mystery: Pray for your social media followers + those you follow.

3rd Mystery: Pray for those whom you have ignored this week when looking at your phone.

4th Mystery: Pray for those who do not have the technology to be in touch with the ones they love.

5th Mystery: Pray for the lonely.

BONUS: A well-prayed rosary buys us at least 20 minutes of smartphone freedom!

[P.S. Offer your Hail, Holy Queen for the others journeying with you on this #SmartFreedom adventure. We need it!]


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