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It is the final countdown...

Two weeks down, one to go. Today’s Challenge will be a tough one—but we can do it!

That’s how we scroll,

Aunt Katie

P.S. Previous rules still apply!


Day 15 Challenge: No Scrolling for 24 Hours.

YOU: Wait, what do you mean no scrolling.

ME: Exactly that.

YOU: I don’t understand.

ME: No Scrolling.

YOU: But how will I know what my friends are doing? What about all the grams and stories I’ll miss? How will my thumbs get their cardio?

ME: You can look up your individual friends on social media—you just can’t scroll mindlessly to get there. You know, use the “search” button. It’s the refreshing and swiping that starts sucking away all of our time and joy. Or you could just call and ask them what they are doing.

YOU: So no scrolling?

ME: Yup.

Helpful Hints:

  • Every time you unlock your phone, take a screenshot... it will be a fun and horrifying little experiment!

  • When you catch yourself scrolling—because we all do it, stop immediately and put the phone down or in your pocket for 5 minutes. Yes, put yourself in time out.

  • Challenge a friend to join you #bescrollfreewithme!

  • BONUS CHALLENGE: Do this for the whole week!!!


#SmartFreedom #2018 #Scrolling #Butmythumbs #Mindless

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