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Day 16: Crickets...

When I was in first grade I received a reprimand and classroom punishment that seemed unfair and overreaching to my burgeoning sense of justice... I brought my concerns to my teacher. She replied, "Well, you know, Katie, sometimes the good get punished with the bad." Today is kind of like that day.

Sorry not sorry,

Aunt Katie

P.S. Still no phone in the car, at the table, or in the restroom!


DAY 16 CHALLENGE: Silence!

Please join me in some prayer and fasting before the new school year begins! Today at 3PM, I will be turning my phone off for 24 hours as part of our annual staff retreat.

While 24 Hours Phone Free may sound like a dream to some of you... others have already stopped reading this post. 24 Hours Phone Free is not practical for most people or their particular states in life. So my challenge to you is to come up with 24 Hours Phone Free for the remainder of the week... that may mean 4 hours a day for the next six days (which would basically be like me having my phone off when I sleep #backtoschoolseason #amiright?)

What to do with your hands:

(1) Warn your loved ones any time you are going to be away from your phone for extended periods of time. Missing persons reports are real.

(2) Take this FREEdom time and fill it with goodness!! COMMUNITY, PRAYER, SILENCE!

(3) We are rarely more busy than gearing up for Back to School--whether it's PreK3 or a PhD program. Give yourself the TIME to be undistracted. To breathe. To reconnect with yourself and your Savior!

And pray for each other... and for me, I'd appreciate it! Know I will be praying for you!! God bless!!


#SmartFreedom #SILENCE #2018 #Itiswellwithmysoul #rest

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