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Day 21: The Final Challenge

After 21 Days of ups and downs... successes and failures... silence and swipes, it's time for one final challenge!

Are you up for it?

Aunt Katie


Day 21 Challenge: Turn phone off for 21 minutes... spend those 21 minutes in prayer focusing on the Father's love for you. Not your to do list, not your rosary, not some spiritual reading, not your list of intentions, not your hopes and dreams. Only let your mind wander around the reality of the Father's love for you. If distractions come wave at them and send them on their way... these are your 21 minutes with the Father. And how He delights in you! After that committed prayer time reflect on the following questions:

(1) Did I really turn my phone off?

(2) If no, why not? If yes, how difficult would it be to repeat this exercise tomorrow?

(3) Was this exercise difficult or easy? Why?

(4) What distractions pulled at you during your time of prayer?

(5) How do you know the Father's love for you?

(6) If "for the bible tells me so" is your answer, ask yourself question 5 again.

(7) What makes you doubt the Father's love for you?

(8) Who do you compare yourself to the most? peers? celebrities? mom bloggers? your parents? the person your parents think you should be? the saints? your siblings? your insta followees?

(9) How does comparison steal our joy?

(10) What does phone usage have to do with comparison?

(11) Did you really take 21 minutes?

(12) How often does a 21 minute episode of a tv show on Netflix quickly become 63 or 105 minutes?

(13) Why doesn't that happen in prayer?

(14) When was "the best prayer of your life"? Where were you? What kind of prayer experience did you have? Who were you with? Why is it so difficult to make our prayer excellent?

(15) When you pray do you ever contemplate the Father's love for you? Why or why not?

(16) How can remembering the Father's love for us help us in our journey to #SmartFreedom?

(17) Did you remember to Thank God for that abundant love? Go ahead, we'll wait.

(18) What areas of your life lack freedom?

(19) How can connecting with God change your perception of your our own individual time, talent, and treasure?

(20) What did the Father show you in prayer today?

(21) Will you do this again tomorrow?

#SmartFreedom #2018 #Shhhh #TheFathersLoveforYou

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