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Word of the Month...

Sooooo I was going to choose a Word of the Month... but I didn't get around to it, so our Word of the Month is Procrastinate! How unpleasant. Rather, it seemed more fitting to pick the opposite, however, after a little research, I didn't want any of those words either! So what to do? What to do? I know! Let's spend more time on this conversation than on whatever it is we're avoiding as we procrastinate.

In a minute,

Aunt Katie


Word of the Month: (Don't) Procrastinate

Here are a few synonyms for Procrastinate according to

dawdle + hesitate + adjourn + cool + dally + defer + drag + goldbrick + lag + linger + loiter + pause + poke + postpone + prolong + protract + retard + stall + stay + suspend + tarry + temporize + wait + be dilatory + drag one's feet + give the run around + hang fire + hold off + let slide + play a waiting game + play for time + shilly-shally

Most of those sound like a lot more fun with a little less culpability than "Procrastinate"! Because our Word of the Month is generally something positive that we can focus our prayers, reflections, and cocktail recipes around, it would seem that this month we need the antonym or antidote! Here's what had to offer in the way of antonyms:

abbreviate + advance + carry out + complete + continue + do + expedite + finish + forge + forward + further + go + hasten + help + hurry + leave + persist + push + rush + shorten + accelerate + go ahead + quicken

Something wasn't satisfactory about those options either... because when it comes to Procrastination, it would seem that we most often drag our feet, postpone, tarry, stall, etc. when it comes to things that are IMPORTANT. Usually the most important. More often than not it is not because we are lazy but because we are afraid to do a bad job at whatever it is. This shilly-shallying particularly applies to our prayer lives. We wait, we put it off, we skip it all together, because we don't know what to say, we're afraid of what we'll hear or not hear in prayer... we don't want to do it poorly, so ironically, we don't do it at all!

When we look for the antidote to Prayer Life Procrastination, these antonyms don't seem to work. Okay... some of them do like go ahead, or go, or do. Those are great words for our prayer lives! But the rest the words that infer speed or rushing don't seem to help our flight from proper care for our spiritual lives. Perhaps it's not the Synonym or the Antonym we need... it's a change of attitude.

If a big part of Procrastination is fear or latent perfectionism, then our Word of the Month should move more in the direction of You're Okay. Just Do It. Or Trust... wait, Trust? Yes. Case in point: The middle ground between hesitate and advance is Trust. If we're going to stop procrastinating in our spiritual lives, we have to Trust the Lord when He says He loves us. We have to Trust the Lord when He says He wants a relationship with us. We have to Trust the Lord when He says He likes to spend time with sinners. We have to Trust the Lord that when we do not have the words, He will still be there. We have to Trust the Lord. Trust leads us to prayer.... and more Prayer leads us to a deepening of Trust that will strengthen our relationship. If we take that one step, He runs the rest of the way. Trust me.

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