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Welcome to the #SmartFreedom LENTEN CHALLENGE!

If you’re new to #SmartFreedom--get excited! This is going to be terrible!

If you’re back from last year's Lenten Challenge… CONGRATULATIONS! The fact that you’re here means you haven’t given up on getting free from the blue glow of your smartphone.

If you signed up for this #SmartFreedom Challenge, my guess is that you are a little grossed out by your own phone usage. The hours wasted scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, the fortune spent when drinking and priming, the anxiety you feel when you don’t know where your phone is… we’ve all been there. Most of us are there right now. Myself, definitely included!

I am no expert. I promise no miracle cures. But I do promise to do all of the same things you are being challenged to do for the rest of this month (and hopefully long into the future.)


Aunt Katie


The Plan: From SmartPhone to SmartFreedom!

First, we will have some Ground Rules. These ground rules apply for the duration of the challenge. NOTE: These rules are healthy practices we should all be following anyway, so I encourage you to adopt them indefinitely.

Ways to Participate:

Throughout the Lenten Season you will receive a Weekly Challenges, Exercises, & Reflections to help you along the way. Sometimes we will explore our motivations, our particular bad habits, and what the Lord has to say about freedom, silence, and community.

  • Sign up for the weekly emails! NOTE: #SmartFreedom emails will be daily for the first week, then you can expect them on Sundays only. Need to sign up for this year's challenge? Sign Up Here! Not getting the emails? Ask Aunt Katie why at

  • Subscribe to the #SmartFreedom Google Calendar. The Calendar will be available on March 6th!

  • Request to join the Aunt Katie’s #SmartFreedom Challenge Group on Facebook:

  • Follow my Instastory on Instagram @AskAuntKatie. I will not be posting often, as I am also trying to gain some Freedom!!

  • NOTE: If Social Media keeps you on your phone for hours at a time you may want to delete your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. apps for the duration of the challenge and stick with the emails and calendar!

Speaking of the Lord, here’s a little verse to get you started:

Call to me, and I will answer you;

I will tell you great things beyond the reach of your knowledge.

Jeremiah 33:3

See, the Lord is saying, “You don’t need to google that answer, or Facebook stalk your ex, or text all the things to all the people. Talk to me. Call to me. Whatever peace, joy, fix you’re looking for out of that phone--you’re not going to find it. Call to me.” We just have to stop scrolling long enough to listen to this invitation.

Community: The Final Piece for Peace

As we journey towards God and not Google, the Word and not Emojis, community IRL (in real life) and not texting, it is important to know we’re doing this together. The facebook group offers you an opportunity to comment on your progress, the good, the bad, and the less than progressive. By no means do you ever need to comment on any of the posts, but know that this is a place where you can ask for help. Know that you are in my prayers--and please be praying for each other! Any form of detachment is painful, let’s not do it alone. Need some one-on-one coaching? Send me a message, just ask!

#SmartFreedom Ground Rules

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