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#SmartFreedom: Distraction Detox

Day Three Challenge:

60 Minute Phone Fast + original Ground Rules!

Today’s challenge is turn your phone off for 60 minutes! That's only 1 Hour. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


(3) No phone in the bathroom.

  • Meaning: I don’t feel that I need to explain myself. You know who you are. Added Benefit: You can’t drop the phone in the toilet if you don’t have it on you.

  • Suggestion: Keep your phone out of your pocket when you can… leave it in your purse, gym bag (is that still a thing?), locker, desk drawer, etc. If you’re at work, school, or at home--you don’t need your phone in the bathroom.

Why Is This Important?

Two Words: Self-Control + Solitude. We need both of these S words. As you have already experienced this week... self-control is tough! As we are a Body/Soul Unity, our control over our bodies helps us have control in spiritual matters as well! We're building up some serious self-control muscle memory with each mini-sacrifice. And SOLITUDE... that's a big one. Where during the day do you actually get to experience solitude? Oh, right, the bathroom. Many of my friends with children relish any opportunity to finally have a minute of peace and quiet. Many of my friends with children would also love to go to the bathroom alone... so why are we bringing our phones? Take these few opportunities each day to BE ALONE! Our Distraction Culture has made it so we can avoid every opportunity for solitude... even in the privacy of the restroom.

What To Do With Your Hands: Keep them empty. Perhaps even open in prayer...

BONUS CHALLENGE: I Used To Be A Human is a lengthy essay by Andrew Sullivan on our Distraction Sickness. I encourage you to take the time to read it... just not on your phone in the bathroom.

Remind me about that Meals Rule... and the Car one again...

What's next?

#SmartFreedom #PottyTime #Solitude #Distraction #2019

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